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 "Sing Hallelujah" is a collection of children’s hymns composed by brethrens of True Jesus Church in the United Kingdom.  It was first released in 1995 and re-edited in 1997 by the General Assembly of the True Jesus Church, UK.

The collection with a total of 44 hymns are suitable for kindergarten, lower and upper primary class students.  The backing track for these hymns were made in 1996 without circulation.  With the launch of this website, it can be served as a platform providing hymnal resources to RE teachers.   You may find this site beneficial to teaching of children’s hymns in RE classes as well as hymnal presentation.  Especially for those who cannot play an instrument or have no access to piano/keyboard in the classroom, the handy MP3 backing track may bring motivation to the children’s singing.

Each MP3 track consists of a short introduction follow by the corresponding number of verse(s).  If you would like certain amount of verses to a particular hymn, or fancy an arrangement of medley for a selection of hymns, feel free to write down your request and a MP3 will be made/sent to you by email.


* Each MP3 track consists of a short introduction follow by the corresponding number of verse(s).

* You can play along with the music and lyric as well as download the MP3 from "Music and Podcast" page.

Piano Score

* Piano score for each hymn is similar to that of the MP3.  Teachers/pianists can use these as accompaniment to children's singing during lessons or performances.

Song Sheet

* You can downlaod each song from "Song Sheets".  The resolution is much better if you copy and paste the hymn onto a word document.  There you can type in the title of the hymn and print copies for the class to sing.

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